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Le Mini Who?

Artwork for Le Mini Who?, a festival aimed at showcasing the Dutch underground music scene. Collaboration with Lyanne Tonk.

Jimmy de Jong - 'Het Leven van een Fijnproever'

20 page purple and orange risograph book with screen printed cover, 29 x 21 cm. Made during 'The Sweet Boys', a residency at Kapitaal Utrecht.

De Dakhaas #9 - De Nacht

Illustration for De Dakhaas. For this issue De Dakhaas asked several illustrators to depict one of their real life nightmares.

Open Windows/Less Islands

Two 42 x 29,7 cm risograph prints.

Orange and teal ink on 200 g Biotop paper.

De Dakhaas #7

A series of illustrations for De Dakhaas accompanying the article 'Onder Vinexers'. The article talks about Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Hollands biggest vinex district.

Alexi Lalas - It's a Better Version of You

Album artwork for 'It's a Better Version of You' by Alexi Lalas.

Collaboration with Thomas van der Vlis.





Jimmy de Kong

Series of 20 blue and orange risograph prints, 42 x 29,7 cm. Made during 'The Sweet Boys', a residency at Kapitaal Utrecht.

Kapitaal Pin-Up Calendar

Illustration for a risograph pin-up calendar. Curated by Kapitaal Utrecht.

Wobby #1

Two spreads for the risograph magazine Wobby.

The theme of the first issue was 'Young and Mature'.

Various Posters

Selection of various poster.

Jimmy de Jong - 'Het Leven van een Losbol'

Illustrated book showing the moral decline of Jimmy de Jong, an everyday rascal with a red cap. 21,5 x 27,5 cm.


De Dakhaas Presenteert: Het is Koers

Illustrations for an article in 'De Dakhaas Presenteert: Het is Koers'. The article tells the story of a medical team that offers first aid during cycling competitions.

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